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If you have a family law need, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need help with a divorce, child custody, child support or many other needs our Las Vegas family law attorneys are here to help with a free consultation to begin.  

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For your family’s legal situation, you need a Las Vegas family law attorney who understands your personal needs, as well as the laws that address them. This mixture of personal and legal, intellectual and compassionate, is the foundation of our approach at Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group! For FREE Consultation call us at 702-474-7007

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Our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of family law and have handled several complex cases.


We will help our clients attain the best possible results under the law. 


You will get clear communication during the entire process and we’re here to answer any question in an ethical manner. 


Start with a FREE consultation to see the path to your desired outcome. We will work to settle your matter without court involvement to avoid any court fees, to save you money.

Both Amanda Roberts and Jason Stoffel share a passion for family law, dedicating their careers to helping others. Each attorney has a comprehensive knowledge of family law and have handled several complex cases including issues related to divorce, property division, domestic violence, custody, spousal support/alimony, child support and child support enforcement, adoptions, terminations of parental rights, guardianships, legal separations, and paternity. Furthermore, Roberts Stoffel handles wills, trusts and probate related matters.

A Personal Approach To Family Law

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We encourage our clients to seek less costly alternatives to litigation, such as mediation. However, should we be unable to settle your matter without court involvement, Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group has experience in, and is fully prepared to handle all aspects of litigation including motions, depositions, trials and appeals to ensure that our clients attain the best possible results under the law.

Resources For Family Law Matters

Family Law Self-Help Center – The Family Courts and Services Center in Las Vegas websites gives you more info more about a variety of family law issues including custody and child support in paternity actions, guardianship, name changes, and divorce. You can also find information on separate maintenance, temporary protective orders, enforcing out of state orders, visitation for non-parents, and information for active military service members. This is a great resource!

Divorce in Clark County, NV – Learn more about the divorce process in the Clark County Recorder’s Office after it is filed with Family Court. Also find additional links for divorce decrees.

Family Courts in Las Vegas – The Family Court in Las Vegas helps people with divorce, annulment, child custody, visitation rights, child support, spousal support, community property division, name changes, adoption, and abuse and neglect.


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