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divorce mediation lawyer in las vegas nevadaWe can help with mediation in Las Vegas, Nevada for divorce mediation, child support mediation and more regarding family law needs throughout Clark County. Mediation is an extremely useful tool for litigants in their family court matter. Not only is mediation required when there is a custodial dispute, it is at a very low cost to the Parties. The Las Vegas Family Mediation Center (“FMC”) at Family Court is required under EDCR 5.70, which is a local Clark County, Nevada Court rule. This helps put the Parties in the driver seat and the mediator simply assists the Parties make decisions on what they believe is best for their children based on a sliding scale/reduced cost. If there is a complete or partial parenting plan, then that is reduced to writing and sent to the District Court Judge assigned to that case for signature. If you have any questions regarding divorce mediation or any other mediation needs, contact us for a free consultation with a mediation lawyer at (702) 474-7007

The success rate for mediation at FMC is around 70%. For cases that did not resolve in mediation, the case is set for Trial, whereas the litigants can put on their case, introduce evidence, present witness testimony to the Court, etc. At the end of the day, the person in the robe makes a decision affecting the children. This at times can be scary since the judge has never met the children and certainly does not love the children is elected by the voters to make decisions affecting the children. That is the judicial role – make decisions in the event Parties cannot agree what is the best custody/visitation plan for the children. Child support issues are not discussed at mediation through FMC but can be worked out in other forms of mediation. We can help with divorce mediation in Las Vegas and child custody mediation.


Offering a balanced approach to dispute resolution


Mediation is not limited to just custody cases. However, this is outside the parameters and the enabling statute at FMC. Private mediation from trained mediators is available. There is a list at Family Court for settlement attorney’s that will go through all issues presented in a case. Former judges are available on occasion for mediation purposes. There is an excellent program through UNLV/Boyd School of Law that allows third year law students, under the supervision of professors trained in mediation that work with lower income individuals. Settlement conferences with senior judges are also available upon request and based on availability. The bottom line is that alternative dispute resolution is readily available and the informed litigant should readily explore this option if deemed appropriate under the circumstances. 


Benefits Of Mediation

Benefits of mediation are that it generally is much more cost-effective then formal litigation. It reduces the stress on the Parties since the Parties control the outcome. The litigants can have an attorney assist them at all steps in the process to provide legal advice as the ethics rules prohibit mediators (who are also not attorneys) from giving legal advice. Mediation also saves time since a case can be resolved in under a month in some cases versus one year or more in some very contested litigated cases. Put the power of the law on your side and contact a mediation attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada today!


Through the process of mediation, you and your spouse are able to create flexible solutions, which allow both sides to emerge as “winners.” Successful mediation can substantially reduce the time and expense of the dissolution process.


Mediator in Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s very important that your mediator be deeply experienced in mediation. Every situation is different and needs personal attention. Las Vegas mediation attorney Jason Stoffel has several hours in mediation training. He has taken a 44-hour divorce/custody/domestic violence mediation training. He also was a past president of the Mediators of Southern Nevada, a non-profit mediation organization located here in Southern Nevada that provides resources and options. The organization does not endorse any particular mediator associated with this organization.

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