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Name Change for Adult In Nevada

We’ll help you learn how you change your name in Nevada with legal help. In the State of Nevada, anyone may petition the Court and request a name change in Las Vegas. NRS 41.270 requests the filing of a verified Petition which must state the current name, desired name, reason the name change is requested (which must be a good reason pursuant to NRS 41.290 (1)), and if the person requesting the name change has been convicted of a felony.


Nevada Name Change Requirements For An Adult

Along with a Petition, a Notice is required which must be published one (1) time per week for a period of three (3) weeks (publication may be waived in certain situations based upon the discretion of the Court). If the Notice is not objected to within ten (10) days of the last day of publication, the Court may grant the name change. If the Notice is objected to within the timeframe allotted the Court is required to set a hearing to take evidence on the issue of whether or not there is satisfactory proof to grant the name change. When the objection hearing occurs, the Court must take into consideration the petitioner’s criminal record.

change your name in Nevada

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If the name change is granted the Clerk of Court is required to submit a copy of the Order Changing Name to the “State Registrar of Vital Statitics”. Should the petitioner be a felon, the Clerk of Court is required to submit the Order Changing Name to the “Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History”.

Failure to be truthful, in the Petition, regarding a criminal history shall result in a revocation of the Order Changing Name.




How long does it take to change your name?

For adults, the process for changing your name in Nevada can be completed in less than 2 months since hearings are usually not required. After filing the paperwork, there is a 3 week wait while your name change petition is published in a newspaper of general circulation. You can have your name change approved in as few as 10 days after the proof of publication is submitted.

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