Property Division

When a marriage ends, property must be divided and in many instances it is done through a divorce. The possibilities for property distribution are countless and if you or someone you know is considering a divorce or legal separation, you should speak with a qualified attorney on how best to complete a property division. At Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group, the attorneys offer a free consultation to sit down and discuss, one-on-one, the specifics of your case and the possible division of property that will be suit each client’s individual needs. When contemplating a property division, prepare as much as possible for the attorney in advance including relevant paperwork, valuations and debt information. It is helpful, when considering a property division it is important to group like kind property together in categories because of the valuation issues. The attorneys of Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group are equipped and experienced to assist in a property division.

Our experienced attorneys can further walk you through this process once becoming a client of the firm. Do not navigate this complicated process alone – we can help. Call our office today at (702) 224-2778.

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