We Provide Professional Support & Legal Guidance Through The Family Law & Divorce Process
We Provide Professional Support & Legal Guidance Through The Family Law & Divorce Process

We Provide Professional Support & Legal Guidance Through The Family Law & Divorce Process

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Las Vegas Family Law Lawyer

Las Vegas Family Law AttorneyOur team of Las Vegas family lawyers always delivers the highest level of professionalism and personal attention to help our clients through any legal family matter, including Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support & more. Call (702) 474-7007 for a free consultation! We can be the legal help that makes a difference.


Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers

It’s a fact that divorce, or separation of family can be the most difficult and stressful time in your life. You are entitled to receive fast and effective solutions that restore your peace of mind. Our knowledgeable, determined and compassionate Las Vegas divorce lawyers will help you understand your legal rights and fight to protect you and your family.

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Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group also handles personal injury, wills, trusts and probate related matters.

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Having an experienced family attorney and divorce lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada with a proven track record is key to having your best chance at receiving the results you want. Choosing the right attorney at the start of your case is likely the single most important decision you can make!

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Excellent client communication process to keep you informed throughout! You will always have direct contact with the attorney managing your case. 


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We offer straightforward, clear counsel at all times.


Outstanding Reputation

We have an A+ rating with the BBB and our attorneys are nationally recognized with high ratings on Avvo.


Customized Strategies

We go above and beyond, provide time, attention and understanding necessary to assist each clients individual needs.

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Family Law Resources

Helpful forms that you may need  and more so you may have a better understanding of Family Law and the procedure process.

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We offer free consultations for all legal matters. You can also check out our flat fee attorneys options.

We would love the opportunity to listen to your family law matter and discuss how you should move forward with your case. Our family law attorneys can help you learn your rights and explore your options with you. We can also answer any questions and concerns you may have.